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This week is Blue Harvest Creative Appreciation Week. It’s a a celebration each year where the BHC authors get together and plan a week where we show our appreciation to our publishing partner, BHC for all that they do for us. It’s never the same week each year and BHC never knows if it’s coming or not, which is part of the fun. 

As BHC continues to grow, so does the celebration across the internet.  

I will readily admit that I didn’t know what I was doing when I sent my first book, Embers at Galdrilene out into the world. I fumbled around and generally made a mess of things. Then I found Blue Harvest Creative and they made all the difference in the world. The quality of my books and the quality of my writing went up. 

Working with BHC is a lot like have a publisher standing with me without losing any of my rights or royalties. And because they are affordable and aren’t one of those places that likes to rip authors off, I even still have both my arms and my legs. I didn’t even have to give up my first born child in order to afford them. And as BHC has grown, the things they offer their authors has grown with them. I’m definitely proud to be a part of BHC. I have never met a team so willing to bend over backward to make their authors happy. 

BHC has some big things coming up, one of which I can’t wait to announce even though I know it will be a bit before I can let you all in on it. Without them, this particular thing would never have happened. 

So here’s to Blue Harvest Creative, the company that’s like a publisher. One that doesn’t take rights or royalties, but still stands behind each of it’s authors.

Who are we? Check out some of the BHC authors below. We publish in a wide variety of genres. Fantasy, horror, romance (and many of its subgenres), drama, YA, NA, Non-Fiction, thriller, etc. You are bound to find something you like.

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Alex Meyering @ARmeyering
Audra Trosper @adtrosper
Barbara Watkins @paranormawriter facebook.watkinsfanpage
Bathsheba Dailey @Bathsheba15
Becky Vigus @Duchessoflilac
Claire Smith @authorcesmith
Frank Lattimore @ImpactWriter
Hannah Steenbock @FirleF
Jean Booth @JeanBooth
Jennifer Bailey @JSBailey_author
Katie Jennings @dryadquartet
Kurt Winans @kurtwinans
LaDonna Cole @Latidonna
Lexy Wolfe @LexyWolfe
Lisa Shambrook @LastKrystallos
Melissa Hladik Meyer @m_hladik_meyer
Missy Ames @MarissaAmes
Natalie Gibson @AuthorNatGibson
Patricia Paris @patriciaparis1
Sara Johnston Daniell @DaniellSara
Shane KP O’Neill @ShaneKPONeill
Shelley Wilson @ShelleyWilson72
Sophie Moss @SMossWrites
Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt @SRKarfelt
Tracy Meyer @TracyHMeyer
Zach Fortier @zachfortier1

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