Monthly Archives: March 2015

New BHCAuthors Website—Connecting Readers to Authors

Blue Harvest Creative is excited to announce the next generation of independence has arrived! Welcome to the BHC Authors website—a place dedicated to bringing readers and authors together. If you love to read, this is the place to be. Find a new favorite genre or author. Check out new releases and titles. Or enter a […]

Heart Song by Samantha Lafantasie

Relena wants freedom, depending on herself and not having to answer to anyone, but a betrayal takes that away. The last thing she expected was the incredibly handsome Marren to free her. The catch? She has to fall in love with him, fulfill a prophecy involving their heart song, and rejoin the two realms. But […]

Dragon’s Call News

My newsletter is a little late going out this month, but that’s okay because I want to give people time to sign up for it. Why sign up for my newsletter? Because there will be exclusive news and story tidbits for people who receive my newsletter. You can sign up HERE  If you have trouble […]

BHC Appreciation Week

  This week is Blue Harvest Creative Appreciation Week. It’s a a celebration each year where the BHC authors get together and plan a week where we show our appreciation to our publishing partner, BHC for all that they do for us. It’s never the same week each year and BHC never knows if it’s […]