Ashes and Spirits Release Day!

I’m running  late here with my blog but better late than never right?

Today is the day Ashes and Spirits flies free to soar among the readers! It has been a long wait, I know, but hopefully  you will find it has been worth waiting for.

A lot has gone into the creation of Ashes. From the long months of writing and revision as I brought all of the threads together (and rounded up the plot bunnies and herded them into their appropriate places), to the long process that my editor went through as she made sure I stayed consistent not only in the story but in the little details as well, to the beautiful cover and interior created by my design team. Blue Harvest Creative put as much work into bringing Ashes to readers as I did in writing it.

The final battle has begun!

“The incomplete weave breeds the darkness…”

Presented with impossible odds, the Guardians struggle to hold against the Shadow Riders. While enemies from within are discovered and allegiances are formed, the losses mount.

As the war escalates, one Guardian may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all.

Click  HERE and take a look at the interior!

And here is how it looks as an e-book. Blue Harvest Creative goes to great lengths to make sure all e-books are as beautiful as their paperback counterparts. In addition to that, they make sure the e-books are W3C compliant, validated, and match the print design. I couldn’t be happier with how all of my books turn out.




And for another look at the header image and scene break image



It looks beautiful in the paperback as well



And of course the absolutely stunning cover wrap they created for the paperback


And all three gorgeous books together


Still haven’t grabbed your copy? Get it HERE!


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