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Creating A Creepy Collection—Get Ready For “In Creeps The Night”

adtrosper: I have a story in this anthology Originally posted on Blue Harvest Creative: We are beyond excited to present our cover and interior design for the horror anthology In Creeps The Night. We partnered with J.A.Mes Pressto create this deliciously creepy collection of 50 flash fiction tales from 50 authors. All royalties for the sales of In Creeps […]

What Every Writer Feels After Completing A Novel

adtrosper: This exactly because Ashes and Spirits is FINISHED! Originally posted on She Writes With Love: You’ve done it. Those two glorious words all writers yearn for have been typed at last:  ‘THE END.’ How does it feel? Momentous, awesome, and a little bit heartbreaking? Yep. It happens to the best of us. Even though […]

Cover Reveal—In Creeps The Night Anthology

adtrosper: I have a short in this anthology Originally posted on Blue Harvest Creative: We are thrilled to reveal our creepy cover design for In Creeps the Night, the new anthology for our publishing partner, J.A.Mes Press. In Creeps the Night is an anthology of horror-themed flash fiction that features fifty stories by fifty authors. […]

Progress on Ashes and Spirits (Dragon’s Call Book 3)

*Excited announcers voice* “And their coming down the home stretch, almost to the finish line. It’s the muse in the lead and still going strong with the characters on her heels. Bringing up the rear is Exhausted Author still typing away like a mad woman! Will Exhausted Author’s coffee keep her going long enough to […]